The Awesome Right Honorable Squier by Fender Jazzmaster Vintage Modified Special Review!

Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster Special Offset Body Goodness Electric Guitar Review Over the years, I’ve enjoyed the basic quality and variety of the Fender Squier brand’s offerings. They’re generally well made, generally sound great for the cash, and are always Read more

Squier (by Fender) Affinity Jazz (the “J”) Bass Review – getting started with an inexpensive bass that actually plays great

Squier Affinity J (Jazz) Bass long-term review Originally posted March 2006… A few edits here and there, but mostly the original review for this repost Every guitar player should try playing bass. It’s a blast, and can really teach you Read more

Squier Affinity (by Fender) Telecaster First year review – played and recorded!

This was one of my earliest reviews… I had played my Affinity Tele for quite some time, and had even given it to my son for a while. We both loved the guitar… Here’s what I thought when I first Read more