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  1. I own a 2012 jeff allen signed American standard Hand rubbed ash stratocaster ,thing is Fender says its a hsh model by the serial#. Mine is #41 and hss with a seymour duncan single slot humbucker .and 2 single coils with a special tsa case. why does fender not recognize this config in their database. also what is the value of this axe . i paid 899 used.thx for any assistance you can provide.

    • That’s a great price for one.

      They came in limited number (if memory serves correctly, 50 each) of
      Strat HSH
      Strat SSS
      P Bass

      Did you buy it used? The original HSH was a Fender Twin Head Humbucker in the neck and bridge, with a Fender single in the middle… Perhaps someone switched out the pickguard and pickups?

      Let me know. I am curious to see…

    • OK. As used, it is clear that it has had its pickguard and electronics modified. Fender only shipped these with Fender pups and wiring, and they were either SSS or HSH (large humbucker-single-large humbucker).

      As to value, I can only offer a personal subjective answer: If it still had the original pups and wiring and case, I’d easily pay $800-$1000 for it if I were in the market for one. They play GREAT and sound great.

      Since it does not have the original specially-selected wiring and pups, I’d say that it’s at a top of $800, likely to be in the $700-$800 range with case.

      I hope this helps. Thank you for writing me!

  2. I just purchased the same mobile preamp through amazon, however it did not come with the software. I have been trying to figure out what driver/software to download in order for it to be recognized as a device. I currently use StudioOne and im starting to think that maybe that’s the reason I haven’t been successful. I have Windows 7..just hoping you may be able to help me somehow.. Thanks!

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