The Fender FSR Ash Noiseless Stratocaster Transparent White Blonde Review – Creamy Goodness!

The Fender FSR Ash Stratocaster Noiseless See-through White Blonde Review! Good enough to own one twice! So, what is “FSR”, anyway? According to Fender’s web site, FSR means “Fender Special Run.” You can read a bit more here at Fender’s Read more

Fender Highway One (Hwy 1) USA Stratocaster Guitar Review – I still have one for recording to this day. Love them!

I first wrote this review on October 3, 2009. I’ve had a few of these for short periods of time since then. I now have a burgundy SSS model – it’s become a bit of a Frankenstein, with a 50’s Read more

Fender Jimmie Vaughn Strat Body Beauty Shot

Jimmie Vaughan Fender Stratocaster – A long term review! The first of many long-term reviews about my “keepers”

I first posted this review August 21, 2007. I still have and love this guitar! Jimmie Vaughan Fender Stratocaster Longer-Term Review and Impressions, the first of many! Just for web stuff and completeness: Jimmie Vaughan is one of the best Read more

2006 Fender HSS Stratocaster (Strat) Review – I love these versatile coil-splitters!

I first wrote this entry on February 12, 2007… These are still a strong option for those in need of a Strat and a Humbuckery guitar Fender Standard HSS Stratocaster (“Fat Strat”) Review Electric guitar: Effervescent, visceral, emotional, and motivating… Read more