Clayton USA Three-Sided Rounded Triangle Acetal and Ultem Guitar Pick Review

I originally wrote this on November 17, 2008. I still love to play these. They’re good on the fingers for a bright pick sound. Clayton Three-Sided Rounded Triangle acetal and Ultem Guitar Picks Review It has been a while since Read more

Jim Pearson of Vivid Peace's Pocket Picks

Wedgies Rubber Guitar Picks Review – Even after 5 years, I’m still using them every week

I originally posted this on February 10, 2007. I still use Wedgie Rubber picks a lot when recording in particular. They have a great way of making an acoustic bass sound like finger plucks (which is great when my nails Read more

The Venerable Fender 351 Pick! A long-term review with old friends: The first and current favorite picks

I originally posted this review about 6 years ago on 3.12.2006. Not much has changed in my bag o’ picks, but this review still rocks what I feel… Fender 351 Pick Review This week, I am dipping into my Peck Read more