Body shot of my 1999 Epiphone Korina Explorer

The SUPER Pawn Shop Find 1999 Epiphone Korina Explorer Review!

The Epiphone Explorer 1999 Korina Natural Finish Review! I’ve been looking for an older Epiphone Korina Explorer (natural finish, as opposed to ebony) for quite some time. I wanted the old generic tulip/keystone tuners, the “sandwich” body, the excellent medium-output Read more

Parker P-36 “The Fly-cousin” Electric Guitar Review – Piezos, Tele-clone, maple, ash, and more!

Originally posted on November 8, 2006. This is a quintessential gigging and recording guitar: so many sounds! I’ve had three of these since, and will probably own another before its all over with… Parker P-36 Guitar Review I play instruments Read more