JIm Pearson's Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Firebird I "Treasure" Heastock Front

The SUPERBIRD! Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Firebird I “Treasure” First Review!

The Epiphone Joe Bonamassa “Treasure” Firebird First Impressions Review! Buy one if you can find one! You’ll be GLAD you did! Update (9.8.2017): it looks like the new ones are all gone from the market now… You can look at Read more

The New Gibson Firebird Zero S-Series Bargain Powerhouse Guitar Review

The Gibson Firebird Zero S-Series: USA Goodness for an Import Price! Perfect for Beginners, Seasoned Pros, and all the rest of us, too! Perfect for us modders! I like having different guitars to use for sound, playability, recording intonation, and Read more