The Little Tool that Could – The Schatten Design Knob, Bushing, and Stud Puller Review

Epiphone Sheraton F Hole Original Knob Detail Jim Pearson

The Schatten Design Guitar/Bass Knob, Bushing, and Stud Puller Review

Quick Opinion: The Schatten Design Guitar and Bass knob, bushing, and stud puller is simple genius. It uses leverage and evenly-applied pressure to safely and easily pull up even the most stubborn knobs and guitar parts.

Schatten Design Stew Mac Knob And Bushing Puller Detail Jim Pearson

I have used this tool countless hundreds of times on guitar and bass knobs and studs. I’ve even used it to pull a fragile tuner bushing from a valuable guitar’s headstock. These are a little pricy, but are worth it in the end for the damage they prevent and the comfort, speed, and ease with which one can do guitar repair work. I got mine here at

Epiphone Sheraton F Hole Original Knob Detail Jim Pearson

Quality: This little tool is well-made. I just throw it in my shoebox-sized toolbox of specialty tools, often from chair hight to the toolboxes on the desk and floor. It’s never so much as chipped or shown wear. It is solid, simple, and very workable. I like this tool – it is well-made.

Here’s a link to the tool on Schatten Design’s website…

Schatten Design Stud Puller Extensions Factory Image
Schatten Design Stud Puller Extensions Factory Image

Value: I think the buy-in price is a little high. But, in the end analysis, it is very much worth its cost. It has saved me countless parts (especially fragile plastic knobs) and made me much more comfortable with working on valuable instruments. This tool has given me a new level of confidence when working with $5 guitars and $5,000 guitars.

In the past, as a beginner, I would occasionally break a knob while pulling it from a pot shaft (potentiometer shaft). I’ve even marked a guitar body or pickguard before trying to pull stubborn knobs or studs.

It has saved me more than it has cost me, by orders of magnitude, in my opinion. In the words of guitar folks, “I’d definitely miss it and replace it if it got lost!”

Features: The Schatten Design guitar/bass knob, bushing, and stud puller is fairly basic, but is designed very well for its purpose.

It comes with the puller tube (with a black foam ring stuck on the contact edge), a couple of different puller boxes (they call them “blocks”), and several threaded stud puller-assisters. Overall, it’s simple and has only what it needs. I wish it had extra protector rings, or at least a way to get more…

Epiphone Sheraton F Hole New Knob Detail Jim Pearson

Wishes: Not much to wish for with this little gem. It does a great job.

3 Replies to “The Little Tool that Could – The Schatten Design Knob, Bushing, and Stud Puller Review”

  1. Hello.

    I have a Epiphone Les Paul arch top (korean made) which I am currently updating to Gibson spec. So to my question, i’m changing the bridge assembly from the chrome to the gold and I want to replace the post studs, will this Schatten stud puller leave any indentations in my paint work as it is in very good condition. I am a little nervous about doing this so how easy is it.

    With respect

    Andy walker

    1. Hi Andy,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Indeed, I completely understand the need for carefulness and the tinglies you get when you start pulling major pieces of a guitar apart…

      The puller works great and is extremely safe. I pulled the stud mounts on a very nice Explorer recently (color change) and was extremely pleased with the ease and safety of the tool. You could also take a small square of cloth with a small hole cut out of the center and place it on the body of the guitar before you begin to use the tool. Note that putting cloth padding on the guitar makes things more ungainly and a little more slippery. Another method is to get some VERY safe low-tack painter’s tape or low-tack masking tape and lightly apply it to the finish around the stud hole – then use the Schatten on top of that to pop the stud.

      As with anything, your mileage may vary… I want you to do only what you feel comfortable doing.

      The good news is that the Asian-made Epiphone Les Pauls have a very hard poly finish. One can certainly hurt the finish, but it’s not as soft as a nitro finish or a “thin skin” finish.

      If you would like to talk about it further, please feel free to reply here, or use my contact page (at the top of the page) to drop me a line.

      Always glad to help.

      Enjoy your music! Have fun with your gear!

  2. Hi Jim

    Thank you for your reply, some great tips there for me to try. So I think I will order one of those bush pulling tools and give it a try as I don’t feel quite so nervous.



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