Yamaha F345/F 345 Sycamore Top Acoustic Guitar Review – Genuine consistency in quality at a low price

I first wrote this review on February 22, 2007… These are still amazing to play to this day – still for sale on some guitar and gear web sites, still available in the store, still consistent quality Yamaha F345/F 345 Read more

Ibanez AW40 Vine Of Life Inlay Detail Jim Pearson

Ibanez AW-40 Artwood 40 Acoustic Solid-Top Guitar Review – from an owner’s point of view

I originally posted this on February 16, 2006. I still love these. I’ve since found another one (used)… Shipped from store to my home. I’m loving it. Doing some recording, looking to see if the intonation is any better on Read more