Gibson SG Special Faded Review Still rockin’ and easy on the wallet for a USA Gibson!

Gibson USA Faded SG Review Gibson has some awesome 6-string hard-body electric guitars. Les Paul, Explorer, Vee, Firebird, and SG. My favorite Gibson? Any Gibson. (of course there are more, like the L6S and others…) The Gibson USA Faded SG Read more

Ibanez SZ520QM Flame 12th fret Inlay

An Ibanez SZ520QM SZ520 Electric Guitar Review – Humbuckers, quilted maple, excellent neck and body

I first wrote this review on February 19, 2007. I sold that first SZ520 to a guy just starting out. It has had a great second life. Six years later, I’ve found another one in the used bins and have Read more

Epiphone EB3 Cherry Bass Jim Pearson

The Epiphone EB3 Bass Guitar Long-term Experienced Review – Still rockin’!

Epiphone by Gibson EB-3 “SG” Bass Hands-on in-depth review I like to have different sounds in my daily guitar/bass playing. I also like to hear different sounds in my myriad recordings… I find it inspiring to have different instruments from Read more